A warm reminder about the safe production of electricity in the farm in summer

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2022-07-27 19:41

In summer, the weather is hot, electricity consumption is at its peak, and both electrical equipment and power grids are in a period of high failure. In order to ensure the safe production of the farm, our customers are requested to do sufficient work to prevent the occurrence of electricity accidents:

1. Make sure there is enough electricity
The transformer must have enough capacity for equipment (especially ventilation equipment) to operate. If the transformer capacity is not enough, please increase the transformer capacity in time or non-important loads (such as manure removal) will run off-peak. The overload operation of the transformer will cause the output voltage to decrease and increase the failure of the electrical equipment and the transformer itself.

2. Ensure the safety of power supply lines
Check the power supply lines in the field to eliminate potential safety hazards. Ensure that each building ventilation system has a backup power supply and a backup main circuit. That is, if the power supply line of the ventilation system fails, there must be a backup line to switch in at any time to ensure the power supply of the ventilation system.

3. Ensure the safe operation of the ventilation system
Check all alarm systems to ensure that alarms are accurately issued when the ventilation system in the house fails, and management personnel can detect them in time.

A. The alarm system in the house should be checked for power failure alarm to check whether the battery has electricity. All batteries that have not been replaced for more than 3 years should be replaced, and they can continue to be used after the safety of power storage has been checked for less than three years.

B. If the mobile phone alarm system is installed (including the farm management system and the controller's own mobile phone alarm), please check the power storage of the backup power UPS. If the UPS has not been replaced for more than three years, please replace the battery. You can continue to use it after checking the safety of electricity storage for no more than three years. Check whether the mobile phone card is in a normal startup state, and check whether the phone bill of the mobile phone card is sufficient. Pay attention to the inspection information sent by the mobile phone every day.

C. Arrange the breeder to perform an alarm test before going off work every day, that is, make a fault (disconnect the protector QF of the water pump in the electric box of the ventilation window or open an additional temperature probe on the controller) before the breeder leaves work in the afternoon. After hearing the alarm, the fault will be restored before leaving the chicken house for get off work. (Note: 2 sets of alarm systems are installed after the second half of 2012, please pay attention to check the 2 sets of alarms.) If the alarm system fails to work properly, the cause must be found out and repaired before leaving the coop.

D. In the field without mobile phone alarms, people should be on duty at night, so as to avoid the failure of the alarm to be discovered after the failure. If there is a mobile phone alarm installed, the responsible person's mobile phone must ensure that it can receive information and calls, and cannot be muted or turned off when resting at night.

4. Be prepared for a power outage
Check (start test run) whether the backup generator is operating normally every week. Do a good job of fuel inventory according to the actual local situation.

5. Improve safety production requirements
According to the specific situation of the site, supplement and implement more perfect safety production requirements.

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