Riding the wind and waves, sailing with dreams——Warmly celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of Guangzhou Guangxing Group

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2020-12-02 00:00


Time flies, Guangzhou Guangxing Group ushered in its 32nd birthday in a flash. For 32 years of ups and downs, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Lai Chengmu, Guangxing people have worked hard and forged ahead. Guangzhou Guangxing Group is not afraid of fierce market competition. .

On November 28, 2020, the 32nd anniversary celebration meeting of Guangzhou Guangxing Group with the theme of "Riding the Wind and Waves, Dreaming of Voyage" was held in the Group Headquarters, Guangdong Shaoguan Xinfeng Production Base and Hebei Handan Guangping Production Base respectively.


Mr. Lai Chengmu, chairman of Guangzhou Guangxing Group, delivered a speech at the celebration meeting of the group headquarters and Xinfeng production base. He reviewed the development history of Guangxing in the past 32 years and analyzed the current domestic and international situation of the epidemic. In the domestic and foreign environment, the performance still maintains a brilliant achievement of rapid growth. Guangzhou Guangxing Group will, as always, adhere to the quality policy of "Technology First, Quality First, Reputation First", create high-quality products and serve the world.

Mr. Li Bangzhu, general manager of Guangping company, delivered a speech at the celebration meeting of Guangping production base. He said that under the guidance of chairman Mr. Lai Chengmu, Guangping company has developed rapidly. He thanked all employees and cadres for their support for the development of Guangping company. All staff and cadres go hand in hand and work hard to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

The rapid development of Guangxing is inseparable from the joint efforts of all cadres and workers. In order to adapt to the company's business development, after the company's research and decision, a group of outstanding staff and cadres will be promoted and appointed at this celebration. It is hoped that the newly appointed cadres will keep their mission in mind, cherish the opportunity, and always maintain a spirit of hard work and progress.


Group headquarters cadre appointmentimg

Xinfeng production base cadre appointmentimg

Appointment of cadres in Quang Ping production base

Subsequently, the three major bases of Guangzhou Guangxing Group held cultural performances respectively, which pushed the whole celebration to a climax. Let us walk into the three major venues to experience this strong festive atmosphere.

Group headquarters


The dance "Good Days" brought by the Azalea Dance Team, the music is brisk, the dance poses are swaying, and the wish is soaring.img

Wang Shaobin of Zhonghe Company sang the song "Dolma", the singing is beautiful, it seems to give people the feeling of being in nature, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.img

The small class of Guangxing Kindergarten brought the dance "If you love me, hug me", the well-behaved and sensible little ones make people want to hug and kiss them.img

Zhang Tingxian and Tan Weixian brought the recitation "I'm Proud, I'm Chinese", which inspired the national pride of the people present, and they were proud of being Chinese.imgimg

The children brought the programs "I Love You" and "Battle of Tooth Bacteria". They were accompanied by dynamic beats, with bright smiles, youthful vigor, and innocence and beauty.img

Xie Jieer, Du Yuxuan and Chen Rouhui brought the Dai dance "Walking in the Water". Their flexible movements and elegant dance poses gave people the edification of beauty.img

The guitar playing and singing "Your Answer" brought by Chen Chengyan was beautiful and melodious, which made people intoxicated.img

People from all over the world wished that the motherland would be better tomorrow, and Guangxing would be more brilliant tomorrow, and then Tan Weixian brought the piano solo "Blessing the Motherland".img

The piano solo of "The Beauty of Yilin" brought by Chen Danjun from the Human Resources Department of the Group Headquarters has been around for three days, and the lingering sound is endless.img

All the cadres and workers of the machinery workshop and the electromechanical department brought the chorus "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China", flying singing, singing unforgettable years.img

The passionate chorus "Song of Guangxing" is sonorous and powerful, showing the enthusiasm and aggressive spirit of Guangxing people.img

Xinfeng production base

The web-making workshop sang "Great China", our great China has become a big harmonious and prosperous family.


Machinery Workshop "Into a New Era"——Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and China, which spans the century, is a thousand miles away.img

The component workshop "Socialism is Good" expresses the sincere feelings of the new Chinese people for the party and socialism with simple language, rich melody and direct expression of mind.img

The security department's martial arts performance "Men should be self-improvement" came at a vigorous pace.img

"Singing the Motherland" - Let us dedicate our best wishes to the great motherland. May the five-star red flag fly forever and the motherland will prosper.

Guangping production base


The web-making workshop "The Most Beautiful China" uses youth and dance to thank the motherland and praise the motherland.img

"Opening the Door", the door is booming.img

Boxing performance "Men should be self-improvement" - arrogant in the face of thousands of waves, blood like that red sun.img

The chorus "Song of Guangxing" uses the same voice to compose a beautiful movement belonging to Guangxing.

Finally, with singing and dancing, accompanied by laughter and hope, the anniversary celebrations came to a successful conclusion.

The progress of Guangxing people will not stop, and the spirit of forging ahead will not stop. Guangzhou Guangxing Group will make persistent efforts, continue to walk together, ride the wind and waves, and continue to sail for the dream! On this wonderful opportunity, I would like to thank all customers for their trust and word of mouth. In the future development process, we will continue to focus on the needs of customers, keep improving, and provide customers with high-quality products and services with sincerity.

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