Guangzhou Guangxing Poultry Equipment Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of complete sets of automatic poultry equipment for raising birds and pigs.It is up to now the only enterprise in China that has the self-supporting authority to import and export large quantities of automatic poultry equipments and at the same time has passed ISO9001 International Quality System Certificate.The company has been awarded" AAA Credit Enterprise of Chinese Foreign Trade" and "Outstanding Enterprise of China Livestock Industry",and it is also Vice-chairman Enterprise of Poultry Branch of CAAA.

Guangzhou Guangxing Poultry Equipment Group Co., Ltd has strong technical force, with a large scale of advanced machinery and equipment,using of modern management concepts and methods for management. Group has six companies including Guangzhou Guangxing Animal Husbandry Equipment (Xinfeng) Co., LTD., Guangzhou Guangxing Kyowa Machinery Co., LTD., Guangzhou Zhonghe Pig Equipment Co., LTD., Guangzhou Guangxing Sanyu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., LTD., and three production bases including company headquarters base, Guangdong base, Hebei base. Guangzhou headquarters has a professional R & D team composed of nearly 100 people, all use computers for product development, design, development and testing, and take the lead in the introduction of more than ten modern advanced level of automatic mesh production lines, a number of automatic robot welding production lines, CNC machine tool equipment and machining centers and other large automation equipment. The whole set of products use hot dip zinc process, the product anti-corrosion performance is excellent, and the comprehensive service life is more than 20 years. With the continuous improvement of product quality, Guangxing Group has achieved the quality goal of product warranty for three years, and has also entered the ranks of advanced animal husbandry machinery production enterprises.

Since its foundation in 1988, Guangxing Group has past more than 30 years up to now. It firmly maintained the quality policy of “Technology First, Quality First, and Prestige First”. To fill up the blank of poultry equipments in China, the company develops 9TLX series of “A” frame system and 9CLX series of “H” frame system, which have the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, even feeding, durable longevity, high density, low energy consumption and less investment etc. Besides, it can save land source and protect the Eco-environment. Guangxing Group gains good prestige all over the world. In the poultry industry, we manufacture high quality automatic poultry raising equipment products covering such as layer cage, pullet cage, broiler chicken cage, breeder chicken cage, pig sty, etc. Series of complete sets of automatic feeding equipment are more than one hundred varieties, and also a large number of complete sets of Equipment were exported to Japan, Australia, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia, South America and so on. more than 50 countries and regions.

In addition, Guangxing Group has established favorable trade cooperation relationships with USA, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Israel,  etc.

1988 year


820 MU


800 +


50 +

The number of countries and areas that products are exported.