Guangzhou Guangxing Group appeared in LIVESTOCK ASIA 2018 and was praised by the Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia

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2022-07-27 19:41

Guangzhou Guangxing Group, which has attracted much attention

On April 18-21, 2018, LIVESTOCK ASIA 2018 Malaysia International Poultry and Livestock Industry Exhibition was successfully held at the Kuala Lumpur International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is understood that this exhibition is the largest livestock event of the LIVESTOCK series in Asia, attracting many well-known manufacturers from all over the world. Guangzhou Guangxing Group was invited to participate in the exhibition, led by the general manager Mr. Lai Wen, and organized more than 10 people to participate in the exhibition.

Kind regards from the Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia 

In this exhibition, our group exhibited a series of representative chicken and pig raising equipment and egg loading equipment, which attracted domestic and foreign visitors and customers to stop and visit, becoming one of the most popular exhibition areas in the entire exhibition hall. It also attracted leaders such as the Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia to visit. Mr. Minister had an in-depth understanding of the egg loading equipment displayed by our group and highly appreciated it.

Local media interviews

In addition, Guangzhou Guangxing Group also attracted the attention of the local media, and Mr. Zhou Xiaohua, the deputy general manager of the group, was interviewed.

In a short three-day period, our group's equipment has attracted many new and old customers to come to negotiate and consult with advanced technology, excellent quality and good reputation, and initially reached cooperation intentions with many customers.

This exhibition has ended successfully, and I sincerely thank all new and old customers for visiting. In the future, we will continue to create high-quality products and serve the world.

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