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egg loading machine

Product characteristics

Maximum processing capacity 30,000 pieces/hour

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Product Details


Simple and functional design, every construction detail is for maximum egg care.

According to different uses, can be personalized design, 10 models to choose from.

It operates within the speed range of 20,000-30,000 pieces per hour, and can be adjusted by itself.

Eggs are sent to the packaging department in sequence, so the processing efficiency per unit time is high, and high-speed operation can be realized.

After passing through the egg collector and arranging machine, the eggs are transported to the packaging section in an independent state until they are packaged to the egg tray without any contact.

The egg collector arranging machine adopts the combination of lateral shaking plate and small-diameter rod conveyor, which realizes the smooth and unimpeded arrangement and transfer of eggs without any impact force.

The eggs are arranged in the same direction, and the combination of the highly rated multi-angle guide plate and rod transfer is used, and the correction rate is extremely high.

It is equipped with the function of recording the number of egg trays in real time.

The Egg Tray Supply Department accepts 30-pack plastic and paper egg trays.



egg loading machine

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