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Since its establishment in 1988 for 31 years, Guangzhou Guangxing Animal Husbandry Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the quality policy of "technology first, quality first, reputation first", always adhered to the scientific concept of development, and developed a modern and advanced Horizontal 9TLX series step-type crane feeding factory automation equipment and 9CLX series multi-layer stacked crane feeding factory high-density laying hen complete automation equipment. These equipments have the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, uniform feeding, low energy consumption, sturdiness and durability, intensification, factoryization, modernization, and scale. specialty. The company's products cover more than 100 varieties of complete sets of automatic feeding equipment for laying hens, brooding, breeders, broilers, and pigs. In addition to being used in modern large-scale farms all over the country, a large number of complete sets are also exported to Japan, Australia and Russia. , Southeast Asia, the African continent, South Asia, West Asia, the Middle East, South America and more than 50 countries and regions, deeply appreciated and praised by domestic and foreign customers.



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