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What you need to know before shooting a soft-hearted egg

1. Why is the degree of doneness and saltiness of each soft-hearted egg different?

Answer: Dear, the gram weight of eggs ranges from 55g to 60g, and the difference in gram weight determines the individual degree of maturity, so the degree of maturity will be somewhat different.

There are some deviations, which will not affect eating; due to the difference in eggshell density, it will have a slight impact on the taste effect, and the saltiness will be different, but

The difference is not big and does not affect the consumption.

2. What packaging and how to store?

A: Each egg is vacuum packed and can be stored in the refrigerator at 1-8*C for 30 days. It is recommended that you eat it as soon as possible. Shipments are

Damaged packaging, outer packaging + pearl cotton + foam box + ice pack (keep the product low temperature) Jingdong Express, contact customer service to check the logistics number,

Dear, after receiving the goods, take the eggs out of the pearl cotton and put them in the refrigerator for preservation.

3. Is the egg with air chamber stale?

Kiss, the presence of an air chamber does not mean that it is not fresh, but during the heating process, the egg liquid expands when heated, and the gas in the egg cannot be discharged, and the production

Raw egg whites have recesses, which do not affect eating.

4. The consumption of different groups of people

●Baby: Contains salt, not recommended for infants under 2 years old;

.Children and adolescents: During the peak period of growth and brain consumption, eat 1-2 tablets per day;

●Adults, middle-aged and elderly people: 1 piece per day;

Three high people: it is recommended not to exceed 2 per day;

5. About return and exchange

A: Because of the particularity of egg products, if there is no quality problem after the soft-hearted egg is sold, it does not support 7-day return or exchange for no reason.

Damages or other quality problems, we will pay 1:1 for the store.

Dear understanding.

6. About invoice issues

Answer: Due to the settlement at the end of the financial month, customers who need to invoice from the 25th of each month to the 8th of the following month should communicate with the customer service to adjust the time. In addition, the store

Both electronic invoices and paper invoices are supported. Customers who need to invoice, please contact the store customer service to determine the invoice information and invoice delivery time.